Did you know that in the early childhood years, the body is actually teaching the brain? Young children learn through their brain stem and experiences help their brain form synaptic connections which are responsible for the development of the brain. Brain growth is primarily happening in the right hemisphere of the brain during the first 5 years of life, which focuses on social, emotional, musical, artistic and basic personality and temperament traits.
So many of the activities you see your toddler or preschoolers do that may seem silly, are actually helping the brain grow! Here is an example of some of these activities and how they help the brain grow:

Grasping, Pushing, pulling, stroking, reaching lead to better hand-eye coordination and toning fine motor which are the building blocks of hand writing 

Spinning, Swinging, Rolling, Tumbling, Dancing, Balancing and Listening lead to better coordination  and sporting abilities. These area also to learn skills children will need to learn how to read and write.

Stacking, sorting, mixing, and mimicking all lead to building memory, math logic, vocabulary, fluency and general problem solving.

Play is work for the young child. What seems like fun and games is actually a brain in formation!