Here's an interesting fact, school teachers are not required to have any child development training. Unless they personally choose to become educated on child development or brain development, they may never learn how a child's brain develops, learns and grows. On the other hand, preschool teachers focus a lot of time and training on child development during the early years. 

Many people don't seem to understand how babies, toddlers and young children's brains develop and they often fall for marketing techniques that sell a product that may seem to give a child a jump in their education, but is actually not good for their brain development. Tools like flash cards, tracing sheets and any Television education program are not developmentally appropriate for children under 5.

During the first 5 years of life, the brain is developing in specific areas. These areas are often referred to as 'sensitive periods'. During these periods, parents and caregivers should focus on what the brain is trying to learn and make sure each child is given plenty of opportunities to develop these areas. I will go into more detail about theses areas and their specific ages in more detail during the next few posts.



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